Tourism near Casitas del Tajín

In addition to the Sun and the beach, we invite you to learn about the best sites that are close to Casitas del Tajín.

Casitas, Veracruz

To get to Casitas take Highway No. 180 from Veracruz towards to Nautla, or from Jalapa, the highway 140 to Cardel, then route 180 to Nautla, where Emerald Coast begins. Cottages is located only 4 kilometres away.

Costa Esmeralda

The strip that runs through the center of Veracruz, along the Gulf of Mexico, has the name of Emerald Coast and is one of the main tourist destinations of the region. There are twenty kilometers of sandy beaches toast and waters of green shades: hence its name.

Restaurant El Pirata del Golfo

The restaurant is very good, the quality of the food is excellent and the treatment of very high quality. The place is highly recommended by itself, years of prestige the support located in Road Nautla - Poza Rica Km. 91, Cottages, Tecolutla, see.

Rapid river Filibobos

If you want to practice sports of high impact, passes through Tlapacoyan where you will enjoy of a decline in the rapids of the river Filobobos by the quantity of 500 pesos per person includes professional guides and specialized equipment with a duration of 3 hours of travel.

Zone Archeology of the Tajín

It is located to the North of Veracruz, this archaeological, ancient capital of the totonac world. The pyramid of the niches, building 5 and numerous and beautiful ball games spread throughout the length and breadth of the ceremonial center. Don't discover them!

Los Tuxtlas

Los Tuxtlas is a region that is located within the State of Veracruz, in Mexico. Its name comes from the nahuatl toxtli, meaning "rabbit" or "yellow bird". This city has the ecological reserve which is known worldwide for the high countries.

Puerto de Veracruz

It is located at 90 km away from the capital of the State Xalapa and 400 km away from the City of Mexico. It is bordered to the north by the municipality of the former and the Gulf of Mexico; to the south with the municipalities of Medellin and mouth of the River; to the east with the Gulf of Mexico.

San Juan de Ulua

The complex and island is located off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the city and port of Veracruz, in the Mexican state of the same name and located in front of the current port of Veracruz, its origin is linked to the foundation of the Villa Rica of Vera Cruz.